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Mugello 2014

Started by Andy M, July 01, 2013, 12:35:25 PM

Andy M

Putting this on my list for next year. It might well come to nothing but i'm penciling it in for now. Think its normally near december before dates are released for next years motogp calendar so I will update this thread going forward.
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plan to do some miles next year
so if the brno trip doesnt materialize, i might be up for a wee trip down to gods own track
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David W

I've done it on a bike.  It was brilliant.  One of my best weekends ever.

Riding all the way home from Italy in one day was a bit tough though!



Jeez give that man a ceegar  :D
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David W

All 900+ miles of it!  Left hotel in Piacenza at 0830 and staggered through my front door at 0200 that night.  Slightly frazzled!


Not quite as far, but I managed Monza to home in one hit, left Monza at 09:00 and walked through the door a little after midnight.

All done on a K5 gixer thou...and then did the same the following year two up on a GSX1400...

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