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Round 4: monza. Spoilers.

Started by Millhouse, May 12, 2013, 06:20:15 PM


Is is wrong that I cheer everytime sofuoglu fucks up?

Can't stand him
cbr6 f3
Ducati SportClassic


haterz gonna h8!


(I cheered as well)

Sir Danoir

I've not been watching so forgive the ignorance......but why is there so much venom towards Sofuoglu?...... Alzo can't stand him either!!


Aragon last year. Tried to headbutt one of the other riders @ 150mph on back straight

Sir Danoir

just youtube'd it.... what a cunt


Quote from: Phil_8 on May 13, 2013, 08:24:54 AM
Is is wrong that I cheer everytime sofuoglu fucks up?

Can't stand him
It's not wrong...he should have had his racing license revoked for a year minimum...and a mental capacity test carried out.


Managed to see the race in the end, Europsport did put it into the highlights yesterday early evening :) Good race to watch!

Monsieur Danior, a marvelous round up of his personality :) So succinctly put.

Jonsey banned Psycho posted X's Lee6R posted lots of loverlys Michaels bike stolen and recovered,  barely noticed coz he was too busy playing with his stoat everyone started swearing Gary tried to get members breasts who needs big brother?


Shame the WWS race was complete carnage with 3 red flags......it was mentioned in commentary that Dorna are probably gonna take Monza off the calendar in 2015 due to safety...WSS certainly didn't help the argument for keeping it.....